Coptic Family Resources

There are so many Christian resources out there, many specific to Orthodox families. Please help us compile a complete list of the products you love so that we can all share in these traditions. Send me an email and I will add them here. 

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Out of this World Liturgy Guide

Recommended ages 5+

Kids will love this combination of a liturgy guide and an activity book. It'll keep kids engaged throughout the whole liturgy with kid-friendly explanations, puzzles and a variety of fun activities. This book is designed for children who are 6 and up or who can read comfortably. Although crayons and dry-erase markers would work well on this book, dry-erase crayons are ideal for younger kids as they are the easiest to wipe off and they don't stain clothes like markers. Wipe clean with a dry cloth or tissue and use it again and again. (

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My First Out of This World Liturgy Guide

Recommended ages 2-5

A Coptic Orthodox wipe-clean book about the Holy Liturgy of St. Basil, filled with pictures and fun activities for young children. (


Philo and the SuperHolies (Volume 1)

Philo is about to discover a secret that will change his life forever! He always knew that he was different, but he could never imagine what his grandmother was about to reveal. Philo has Super Powers. Not just any super powers. Philo has Holy Powers. Powers that can make him move mountains and part seas! Super Powers that can help him overcome obstacles, rise up to challenges, conquer fears and become what every Christian is called to be: "a light to the world" and "salt of the earth" but first, Philo has to learn how to activate the SuperHolies!(


Philo and the Patience SuperHoly (Volume 2) 

Philo loves going to church. If only he can find a way to sit still during Liturgy! Sometimes, Philo feels that the Liturgy is too long. This is all about to change. Philo is about to experience a Sunday morning unlike any he has ever had, thanks to the Patience SuperHoly and her amazing suggestions. Philo has recently discovered that he has Super Powers. Not just any Super Powers but Holy Super Powers that can help him overcome obstacles, rise up to challenges and face any fears. Join Philo as he learns how to benefit from the blessings of Liturgy, the wonders of the Church and how Patience is an awesome SuperHoly to activate! (


Our Heavenly Friends 

Recommended ages 4-11

"I'm a mother of two young children myself, and I know I have a small window of opportunity to fill their lives with powerful, holy mentors before the world tries to sway them in a different direction. That is why I created Our Heavenly Friends, a way to systematically introduce your child to nine different saints."

Each kit comes with an Our Heavenly Friends workbook, with stories of the saints, an explanation of the virtue associated with each saint, and coloring pages. Each kit also comes with two folded posters and two sets of stickers. (


Orthodox Sacraments Quiet Book

Little Kids Quiet Book about the Orthodox 7 sacraments in the Coptic church. (@WetheCopts, Facebook)


Nativity Advent Calendar

Recommended ages toddler to 11

"As a Coptic Mom, I was looking for a way to help my son transition from the commercialized Santa's Christmas to really focusing on Jesus' Birthday. I created this advent calendar to bridge the days from Dec 25 to January 7.  Every day you read part of the Nativity story and share a treat with your child. The story and images were approved by Bishop Suriel and a few Coptic priests in my area.