How does the Advent Calendar Kit work?


FIll the Countdown Bags

1. Fill the Countdown Bags

• Remove the cards from the binder and place each one in the appropriate countdown bag. • Add any treats or small toys to the bags. • Optional: If you have the Nativity Ornament set, you will find that you have 13 ornaments that match each page of the book - tuck those into the bags as well!

Hang the Countdown Bags


2. Hang the Countdown Bags

  • Drape the decorative rope across your fireplace mantle, along your staircase, or on the wall. For the mantle, we recommend The Original Mantle Clip.
  • Secure the full bags in descending order along the cord using the velcro straps.

Enjoy Daily!


3. Enjoy Daily!

  • Each day take down a bag and read the story card.
  • When you are done, place the card in the two ring binder provided for safekeeping. 
  • Optional: Place day’s matching ornament on the tree. 
  • Bonus: Decide when you want to place the Holy Family ornament on the tree - make it a special treat! 

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